About this site

The IT Learning Portfolio is provided by the IT Learning Centre at Oxford University. Here you can discover a variety of resources to help you improve your IT skills.

The site has a content management system built using Drupal 7. Some videos are stored in our YouTube channel.

Read our glossary of terms used in this collection.

Using the resources

Many of the resources described here are marked "Publicly viewable", and are open to all visitors. Those marked "Oxford Only" are only available for members of the University of Oxford who can log in. If you are asked to “login”, you can proceed if you can give your University of Oxford Single Sign-On username and password.

The taught courses provided by the IT Learning Centre are usually open to members of the University to attend. Others can read about them but will not be able to book online for a place on a course. External visitors can sometimes pay to participate in a course - contact courses@it.ox.ac.uk to request details.

For help with downloading and unzipping the bundles of student files that you need when working through a course pack, read more here.


The site was built by Bav Radia and Mohammad Yaqub, with support from Nik Roberts at Versantus and design guidance from the team at Oxford University’s IT Learning Centre.