• playlist | Oxford only

    some clips to introduce the Audacity interface

  • article | Publicly viewable

    Tools to create and work on audio or video

  • playlist | Oxford only

    An introductory list of clips for Audacity

  • course pack | Publicly viewable | v. CS6

    This course book and related exercise files will use Adobe Dreamweaver to show you how to add simple interactivity on your web pages and include multimedia such as flash animation and audio. We will also take a brief look at what multimedia features HTML5 makes available to us.

  • course pack | Oxford only

    Learn how to quickly get started creating videos to explain anything.

  • software | Publicly viewable

    By logging into Facebook one can use chat tools, discussion boards, image galleries etc. Think how you could use Facebook in your academic context.

  • course pack | Publicly viewable

    Make your own animations! Flash does not require programming skills and is easy to learn. In this introductory module we will show you how to create your own animations using Flash, a perfect tool for creating interactive and animated websites to support your teaching and research.

  • software | Publicly viewable

    iLife is a set of applications for working with multimedia (images, audio, video) on Mac/Apple computers

  • video | Publicly viewable

    This course shows you the basic workflow involved in editing video on a computer to make a finished project. You will learn how to create a sequence from video footage that is edited and to add text, transitions, music and effects where appropriate to create a project that meets your needs.

  • playlist | Oxford only

    Clips to introduce mobile filming

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