Keynote (Mac)

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    Does your research paper or departmental web site need eye-catching illustrations? Do you have data that needs to be clearly presented?

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    This 'free' downloadable book is written by Mark Wood, a freelance Apple Certified Trainer who occassionally teaches Aperture, Apple's professional photography application, as part of the IT Learning Programme.

    The book covers the essentials of Apple's presentation application, KeyNote. It is funded by occasional adverts within the text, but these are not intrusive. The book is a a useful companion to the Mac courses taught as part of the IT Learning Programme.

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    View tutorials for iWork, direct from Apple.

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    Use Keynote to create slides and combine these into a presentation (using a Mac)

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    This one-day, practical, hands-on course will introduce you to simple techniques to help you with conducting an interview and being interviewed, for print, audio and video.

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    A brief introduction to key assistive technology and apps that might help you to work and study more efficiently.

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    Preparation for the presentations workshop

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    This course book and related exercise files builds on the basic skills that you already have in using PowerPoint to help you create effective presentations. The book describes the presentation creation 'journey' from planning to delivery. It is accompanied by a presentation that can be used as an ideas source, and a collection of open-ended exercises for you to try.

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