• software | Publicly viewable

    Bamboo DiRT is a tool, service, and collection registry of digital research tools for scholarly use.

  • playlist activity | Oxford only

    Some videos to introduce ideas around online presence

  • course pack | Publicly viewable

    Creating an online presence can open up your research and teaching (or any interest!) to a global audience and is now essential in promoting yourself professionally to the outside world

  • playlist activity | Oxford only

    This course works with Audacity and Windows Video Editor to produce podcast resources to represent academic practice or outside interests. This playlist will help you prepare for attending this workshop.

  • course pack | Oxford only

    Learn to produce podcast resources to represent your academic practice or your outside interests

  • article | Publicly viewable

    Ways you can make information about yourself and your work available online - plus some pitfalls to watch out for

  • playlist activity | Oxford only

    Clips to introduce mobile filming

  • course pack | Oxford only

    Producing quality multimedia content with minimal equipment

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