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    SPSS is a program used by many non-statisticians for simple to moderately advanced data analysis. It is among the most widely used programs for statistical analysis in the social sciences. SPSS was formerly known as PASW.

    SPSS can handle data from different sources (text, spreadsheets, databases) and the results can be exported in different formats. It has a graphical interface with pull-down menus but it is also possible to use command programming syntax for those who prefer that.

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    For postgraduate and undergraduate students who want an insight into how to use the powerful statistical analysis tools in SPSS

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    This course aims to provide participants with the skills to perform statistical analysis using SPSS with an emphasis on the workflow suited to answering research questions.

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    This course is an introduction to Stata

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    This course covers many of the most commonly used and most useful commands for more complex (and more realistic) data manipulation and analysis

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    An introduction to using some of the more advanced data manipulation commands in Stata including commands which are commonly used within programs. The course also covers the basic commands required to write your own programs in Stata.

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    This module covers a number of key areas in Stata. You will learn about the analysis of survey data and how to make graphs. How to perform common statistical analyses is also covered, although the emphasis is on the Stata commands and interpretation of output rather than on teaching statistics.

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    The aim of the course is to develop core statistical skills for interpreting clinical and epidemiological data. The course will enable participants to develop the skills needed to analyse data for their own research projects.


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