• playlist | Oxford only | v. 2013

    Some clips to show the wordprocessor's functionality in a formal document setting

  • article | Publicly viewable

    EndNote for Windows comes with a set of Word document templates. Learn how to use these to create a paper for one of the well-known academic journals.

  • course pack | Oxford only

    PHP is a widely used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.

  • course pack | Publicly viewable

    This session provides a non-technical introduction to the basic principles and mechanics underlying work in any computer language and gives general guidance in what to look for when evaluating project proposals and coding progress.

  • course pack | Publicly viewable

    This module is for those with no programming experience who either want/need to take one of our programming courses, or who are just curious about some of the concepts involved in programming.

  • playlist | Oxford only | v. 2013

    Essential Excel skills to be comfortable with before attending this course.

  • article | Publicly viewable | v. 2010

    If you prefer to type keystrokes, as a way of controlling Word, this useful article lists the keystrokes you can use in Word

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