How to: Extract the files for course exercises


If you want to work through the exercises from an ITLC course, you can do so in your own time. The files you will need are available as course packs in the ITLC Portfolio, along with the relevant course handbook.

Downloading the files

Visit the Portfolio and browse the subjects. Locate the course pack you need and click the link to download the course exercise files. This will download one file called files[details].zip. If asked, choose to save this to your disk or your computer's Desktop or Downloads folder.

This zip file is a folder containing a bundle of the files you need to do the exercises, in a special compact file format. Notice that the folder icon shows a zip. Although it is sometimes possible to double-click a zip folder and use its files immediately, some file types (notably Access) do not allow this, while others permit you to read but not work on them.

Unzipping (extracting) files

Right-click the zip folder, wherever you have saved it on your computer. Choose Extract All. Work through the wizard that now appears. When asked, specify where you want the extracted files to be saved (your Desktop may be a good place). When you have clicked Finish, the extracted files should be available for you to use.

Further help

Watch a demo about how to download and use course materials.