Online presence: Start to finish

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Creating an online presence can open up your research and teaching (or any interest!) to a global audience and is now essential in promoting yourself professionally to the outside world.

Time in the classroom is precious, so please make sure you are prepared to make the most of the session, by doing these activities:

Things you will need to do in advance:

1. Bring along any materials that you would like to include in your online presence (text, photos, videos, links to your articles, presentations etc) on a memory stick or on cloud based storage.

2. Sign up for any social media accounts you might be interested in using (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc) and make sure you know your login details for all your social media accounts.

3. Set up an account with

4. If you plan to use a mobile device during the workshop, make sure that you have a working Eduroam connection set up

5. Watch the following pre-course playlist. If this is the first time you have visited, there is a short registration process. When you see the playlist - a list of videos in - use the button to Copy the playlist. This will help you to watch just the videos that your teacher recommends.