ArcGIS Explorer: Intermediate

  • ArcGIS icon course pack | Oxford only

This session covers intermediate-level skills in working in ArcGIS Explorer. Explorer is a basic and easy-to-use desktop geographic information system (GIS) that is free to download. It is part of the ArcGIS software range, which also includes web-based and mobile GIS, as well as the much more powerful ArcGIS Desktop. GIS is designed to store, query, analyse, process, and visualise spatial data. It is typically used for making maps and performing spatial analysis.

  • Data formats in ArcGIS Explorer
  • Querying GIS files
  • Importing tabular data
  • Importing raster imagery
  • Extracting features from raster imagery
  • Using your maps in presentations
  • Embedding videos and photos into objects
  • Extending ArcGIS Explorer using Add-In tools