Databases: Querying and analysing data using Access (not a current course)

  • Access icon course pack | Publicly viewable | v. 2013

This course covers a variety of techniques for manipulating and analysing the data in a relational database, using Access.

Starting with a set of related tables you have already built (see the previous course “Databases: Building a database”), you will learn how to manage and look after data and how to set up different kinds of calculations on different parts of the database. Action queries are used to manage large quantities of data, re-organising or moving selected fields and records to keep your database consistent.

Once a quantity of data is collected in tables, it becomes interesting to analyse it using queries. Learn to build queries to investigate or manage your data. Find out how to add macros and command buttons, to automate the database and help your users to add data accurately.


Note: These materials were used with a previous version of the course. For current materials, look at "Data management: Databases - queries and data analysis".