Databases: Reporting data using Access (not a current course)

  • Access icon course pack | Publicly viewable | v. 2013

This course shows you how to build reports in a relational database, using Access.

Reports collect and organise the data to help you draw conclusions from it. Starting with a set of related tables you have already built (see the previous course “Databases: Building a database using Access”), you will design reports with special features to help your readers understand the data.

You will learn to work with wizards and using Layout View and Design View. You will select controls for a report, and arrange them conveniently, with suitable formatting, properties, sorting and grouping.

We will also look at importing data from other sources (such as spreadsheets and tables) and exporting for other uses including CSV for STATA analysis.


Note: These materials were used with a previous version of the course. For current materials, look at the playlist of videos "Data management: Reports for databases".