Word: Creating professional documents (not a current course)

  • Word icon course pack | Publicly viewable | v. 2013

"Word de-mystified": This course provides you with key skills to master Word beyond the everyday level.

A range of time-saving techniques are covered, for creating a well-structured document that is easy to revise and manage.

You will learn to work with tables, controlling their appearance and behaviour, especially the way that large tables can be managed.

Style is a key technology with Word, and once you have mastered the way to use them, create and modify them, formatting becomes simple and reliable. Once a document is well structured, it becomes easy to revise, control and navigate.

You will understand the role of sections and section breaks in a document, and learn to control the way pages break and number. You will explore the use of columns, headers and footers.


Note: These materials were used with a previous version of the course. For current materials, look at "Documents: Good practice in document design".