Flickr: Image-sharing software

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Flickr is a way to share photographs. You can choose whether your pictures are visible to anyone or only to those you offer access and you can also decide to what extent others may use your photos.


You can upload photographs to the Flickr web site, from which other people can access them: you are sharing without needing to email or print the photographs. The Flickr interface facilitates different styles of organisation of, and interaction with, digital photographs. Photographs can be made publicly available or only shared with selected individuals. You can add 'tags' (key words) and descriptions to your pictures and invite comments by others.

Flickr also allows you to form Groups to which multiple individuals can submit images. Then you can set the privacy permissions of these groups.

The username and password system is based on the popular Yahoo! Login details, which some new users to the site may already have.

Ways of using Flickr

Flickr allows a variety of activities to be undertaken with the uploaded photographs. For example you can:

  • Search Flickr to find images that you can use in web pages, handouts, and PowerPoint presentations (remember to check under what licence the images are posted. To easily find images that you can use, search Flickr via the creative commons interface).
  • Use Flickr Commons to explore photographic collections held by some of the world's most prestigious archives. These include The Imperial War Museum, The Library of Congress, and Getty Images. Engage with these institutions by commenting on and tagging the images.
  • Use the photoset function for the creation of digital visual portfolios, a virtual fieldtrip, or visual documentation of an event.
  • Create a themed group that you and your colleagues/students/friends can upload images to i.e. a group for pictures from fieldwork, images for a group assignment, or collage/departmental event.
  • Engage with other communities by inviting them to submit pictures to a group. Use the commenting, notes, and tagging features.
  • Use the geotagging tool to place images on a map.
  • Use Flickr's RSS functionality to deliver visual content to web pages or WebLearn.
  • Automatically make many photo sizes, such as thumbnail, medium and large without expertise in image manipulation software. You can also rotate your photos easily.
  • Set privacy levels on each photo and decide who can see them and comment on them.
  • Upload photos by email or from your cameraphone.
  • Post photos uploaded into Flickr straight into just about any blog (LiveJournal, Blogger, Moveable Type, Typepad, Manila, you name it!)