Research: Data management plan

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If you are embarking on a major research project which will result in a substantial quantity of data, you may need to produce a formal data management plan. This would typically detail the sort of data you expect to be working with, how you intend to generate and store data, the possibilities for data sharing and reuse, and strategies for long-term preservation beyond the project.

Funding bodies are increasingly asking for data management plans as part of grant applications, and even if they’re not a requirement, having a solid plan at the start of a project can help prevent problems later.

The University of Oxford Research Data Oxford website offers extensive advice about data management planning.

The site helps you think about good practice in data management. It provides insight into some of the stages involved in research data management, and the facilities and services available to help, both within the University and from external providers.

Further information and resources are available from the Digital Curation Centre website, including a helpful data management planning checklist and template.